Anne Fiedler

Business Owner and Remedial Therapist

A bit about myself and how this business began…

I started this business over 20 years ago as a Remedial Massage Therapist

(my maiden name was Fearnley)

Prior to this I completed a Diploma of Education for Secondary School and taught Physical Education, Mathematics and Outdoor Education in the local area.

At this time I was also heavily involved in competition athletics at national level over 400m & 800m and had begun receiving massage treatments. I was amazed at the benefits. I completed a massage course and became consumed. I still only thought giving massages would be an `after work’ hours venture, however, I was wrong. The demand for good Remedial massage treatments was very high and within a couple of years I found myself working full time hours and loving it!

I am and have always been very passionate about helping people and find it extremely rewarding to be given the opportunity to provide such a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing.

In my treatments

These days I have had to reduce my hours and am only available on Wednesdays and some Mondays during school hours.

Besides overseeing Fearnley Massage I am also fortunate to help the community by working as a professional FRV firefighter (13 years) and am a mother of two.

Yes, my career has taken a few exciting turns over the years.

As you can gather I love life and helping people and always strive like to get the most out of each and every day. I still have a keen interest in exercise and training and enjoy the challenge of getting the most out of my body.

Massage is an essential part of my life.