I have been a client at Fearnley Massage for nearly 15 years now.  Due to a degenerative Disc condition in my spine I get a lot of muscle tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. For this condition I need to have regular Deep Tissue, Remedial massage.  Most of my treatment over the years has been with Anne, the practice owner. The dedication, care and support she has provided me has kept me on my feet for much longer than I would normally have hoped for.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Of all of her abilities as a massage therapist; the most important of them his her ability to listen, and understand exactly what each individual needs, at any given time.   I am aware that my case is somewhat different to many other clients and I know that Anne often treats clients who neither need, nor want, Deep Tissue treatment, but require something more gentle.

Over the years that I have been attending Fearnley Massage I have worked with nearly every one of the team members at the clinic occasions when Anne has been unavailable.  I am more than happy to recommend each and every one of them.  They are all excellent therapists with a range of different specialist skills, however they all have that most important skill of listening to what the client needs.

Overall I would have to say that whether you are looking at massage therapy for the first time, or are looking to change for whatever reason; I doubt that you’d find better than Fearnley Massage Clinic.

Mal Hart